The Becoming

  The Ritual complete The beauty embraced Shadows dance While souls disgrace The square and hammer tell the truth Pain begins And beauty ends Shallow love destroys the ritual One becomes while the other shows undone Pain destroys the eternal bind While the clocks tick and tock Becoming one Though Far Apart One is Done […]

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  The walls were closing in around him, the voices louder than they ever were before. He waved his heavy head back and forth trying to shut them out, trying to regain the silence. He could hear it all, layers upon layers of voices screaming at him. They never ceased and they seemed to have […]

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Darkest Hour

  The courtroom was packed, everybody loved a celebrity trial and even more the loved a celebrity sentencing. Two months of sitting here in a shirt and tie was going to drive him insane. He had to listen to boring testimony proving that beyond a doubt that he did it, and there was no alternatives. […]

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  In the night a boy awakes, the sweet somber eluding him once more. The sounds come every night now. What once was a clack every full moon now has become an every nightsky alarm. He stumbles from the bed, the safety ship that kept him calm. He steps towards the closet, curiosity and weariness […]


Words to Praise By

Hail to Thee , Hail to Thee We come in Peace to celebrate. Praise to Hosanna Praise to the Highest. Hail Hail, Hail to the Dark Meet in reverence in the most Evil. Pay tribute to the abyss, the madness within. We read from the holy word, through his voice. Obey and repent, obey and […]

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Exotheatre : A Short Guide

What is exotheatre?  Is it another millennial theory, another art form that only some can understand?  Is it a college liberal arts degree student’s wet dream? The truth lies within whatever you choose to believe.  There is no bases for the thoughts in an exotheatre.  It is the quintessential belief that there is no structure to […]

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