Exotheatre : A Short Guide

What is exotheatre?  Is it another millennial theory, another art form that only some can understand?  Is it a college liberal arts degree student’s wet dream?

The truth lies within whatever you choose to believe.  There is no bases for the thoughts in an exotheatre.  It is the quintessential belief that there is no structure to true art.  For too long people have decided to listen to an unwritten set of rules that dictate how and what to write.  People are payed in high power universities to actually approve and push so called “creative writers” and these “students” have been trained to only know what they have been fed in a subtle hope that one day they may be Amazon’s #1 best kindle seller.

Why then do we obey these “rules”?  They do not have any history or stance, they were established by up-tight prudes who had never experienced what true renaissance was or is.  Bourgeois thoughts have overtaken the modern view on the written word.  But through exotheatre we shall channel our brothers and sisters in arms from Paris circa 1971 and retake the art and retake the words.  

There is no control and no finality.  Exotheatre will return the words to the minds, to the Boheims that have longed to taste the freedom on their lips.  Drop all notions ye who enter and accept that there is no telling where to begin and no way to know what shall come.  Return the speech and paint the words with the exterior beauty that the realms of dogma shall forever grant us.  

This is where Exotheatre shall come forth, it has always been there, lost in the shadows.  It has no beginning known to man,  it will reemerge and retake the masses through the words and thoughts that shall emerge from hallucinogenic mindstates and altered exteriors we create.  

Unleash the hidden word and return the thought to the masses!



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