Words to Praise By

Hail to Thee , Hail to Thee

We come in Peace to celebrate.

Praise to Hosanna Praise to the Highest.

Hail Hail, Hail to the Dark

Meet in reverence in the most Evil.

Pay tribute to the abyss, the madness within.

We read from the holy word, through his voice.

Obey and repent, obey and repent.

Through the grace you shall find Peace.

Sing and fuck to the lord of the dark.

Do what thou wilt, Do what thou pleases.

Through yourself you shall find freedom.

Eat from his body and drink from his blood.

Kneel and show your obedience.

Go in Peace to love and serve.

Drink the blood sacrificed from her womb.

Bow and chant, let the madness come forth.

Go in freedom, go in praise.

Open Your Hearts.

Open Your Minds.

Open Your Wallets.

Or Get Out


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