In the night a boy awakes, the sweet somber eluding him once more. The sounds come every night now. What once was a clack every full moon now has become an every nightsky alarm. He stumbles from the bed, the safety ship that kept him calm. He steps towards the closet, curiosity and weariness finally overcoming sense. That voice behind his ears telling him to flee back to the feathers of comfort. He ignores it, he needs to know; he needs to be sure.

The knob is in his palm, sweat coating it with a slight gleam. He breathes one last sigh of safety and turns the handle. His heartbeat pumping out of his chest, his brain running a mile a minute; he opens his eyes. Nothing, nothing but his normal clothes and coats. He starts to shut the door back but a clack comes deep and sudden. He turns his stammered gaze back into the dark holding, and there he sees it. A light faint as a candles last flicker, he stands in astonishment. He doesn’t understand, his mind cannot comprehend though it yells at him to run. He instead leans in and reaches out towards the faint glimmer. He’s halfway entombed now and as he gets closer to his target he feels it’s heat on his fingertips, then it happens. A sudden rush of wind and pressure, he feels his body reacting and tensing to keep him whole. He cant keep his eyes open through the wind and rush, but in his slight glimpse he sees rainbows and swirls moving past him at lightning speeds. The ride pushes his body, turns him and throws him. He feels it slow and feels heat upon his face, he is scared to open his eyes afraid of what his mistake has brought upon him. Finally he decides he must know, what has happened to him. He opens his eyes slowly letting them get their wetness back. Then his vision clears and he sees it, dooming and looming in front of him and now his mind has stopped racing and just settled in fear.

He could feel heat moving across his face as he stares at a wooden sign in front of him lit only by a single torch. He scanned around for any sign of where he could be but all he could see were trees surrounding him and darkness, the only way was forward on a gravel path. He shut his eyes again and tried to force himself awake from what he assumed was a dream, but the more he forced it came to no avail. Finally he looked up and read the sign, written in bright red paint was “Imperium”. As he started to stumble back he fell right into someone behind him, as he turned to see who or what it was he let out a loud scream as tears welled on his face.

“Hello David! I’ve waited a long time for this.”

(If You make it long enough Part 2 to come soon)


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