Generation End


Cities burning, People crying, People chanting

The age is complete, The season ended

The time has come, Prophecies fulfilled with no prediction

Love disintegrates before the woeful eyes, Hate joins the party

The money lays out bloody and raped, The plan could not work

The dust dances and celebrates, Survivors guilt not in sight

Computers join the dance taking their place as the new

The streets run with what cum and tears remain

When it began there was no running

No hiding and no help sent, They were left as they were

Texts fortold but were ignored for profit

The new music buzzing in what ears were left

What once was one, Now has to choose anew

Why did he not save us? Where was the warning, the hope?

Wood still burns with charred ash still with hands cupped

The new regime prepares it’s speech

As it begins the wires crash and the finality creates itself.



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